Friday, May 07, 2010

First Green MP Elected as Scotland Overwhelmingly Rejects Cameron.

Another bright spot in the day is surely the election of Britain's first ever Green party MP, Caroline Lucas.

She won the Brighton Pavilion constituency from Labour in what many consider is the nation's most 'alternative' city.

The leader of the Greens was regarded as the frontrunner but there were fears of a surge by the Liberal Democrats amid the excitement surrounding Nick Clegg.

However, as the Liberal democrats suffered a disappointing night nationwide, Ms Lucas was able to claim victory in the south coast resort.

She said as the Greens began their celebrations: "Tonight the people of Brighton Pavilion have made history by voting Britain's first Green MP to Westminster." She added that the result was a triumph of hope over fear.

It's also interesting to note that, as England swings towards the Tories, the very opposite is happening in Scotland where the voters have elected only Tory MP out of a possible 58.

North of the border, Cameron has made no inroads at all. Even Thatcher got more MP's elected in Scotland than David Cameron has managed.

On the night Labour secured more than 40% of all votes cast, more than the last general election in 2005.

The party's campaign co-ordinator Douglas Alexander said it had secured "spectacular" results in Scotland.

To do worse than Thatcher in Scotland, where she was universally loathed, is quite something.

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