Friday, May 07, 2010

Breaking: Clegg Sends Signal. The Tories Should Form The Next Government.

Clegg is making very clear noises towards the Tories.

Clegg just arrived at Lib Dem HQ and essentially said that the Conservatives should have the first shot at forming a new government. He said he stood by his comments during the campaign that the party with the most votes and most seats should be allowed the first bite at forming a government. It was an invitation to David Cameron:

"I think it's now for the Conservative party to prove that it is capable of seeking to govern in the national interest."

He is saying that the country have chosen the Conservatives and that it is now up to them to prove that they can put national interest ahead of conservative dogma.

That sounds to me as if he is giving Cameron permission to form a minority government and that the Liberals will back them only when they agree with specific promises.

It's also a death knell to any hopes Gordon Brown has for clinging to Number Ten.


Cameron has responded:
A little more detail on the pending statement from David Cameron. A party spokesman said the Tory leader will set out "how he will seek to form a government that is strong and stable with broad support, that acts in the national interest".
That's almost word for word what Clegg was asking for. Of course, we wait to see if Cameron is offering Clegg anything when it comes to the issue of PR.

Cameron has said that he will make a public announcement at 2.30pm.


Greg Mulholland has just told the BBC that it is not up to Nick Clegg to do a deal with the Tories and that he would have to consult the rest of the party.

Quite how you sell Tory policies to Liberal Democrats puzzles me...

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