Friday, May 07, 2010

Joanne Cash hits out at media after failing to win Westminster North.

She was known as one of "Cameron's Cuties" after he intervened personally when she handed in her resignation after a spat with Amanda Sayers.

But Cameron had high hopes for Joanne Cash, imagining her to be a future Tory star. Unfortunately for Cameron, she has not only failed to win her Westminster North seat, but she has launched an extraordinary attack on the media in the wake of her loss.

After her defeat by more than 2,000 votes, Ms Cash said: "This is a very strange night up and down the country, there are very strange results everywhere. But the Westminster North media played an incredibly powerful role, and we have to face the question about what their role will be going forward. Are they going to tell the truth or are they going to trash people, lie about their families. And hello to my family who are watching.

"This probably is the only chance I will get to put the record straight and it's not conventional to do so at a time like this but I want to do. Whatever the result through the rest of country, the rest of night, the Conservatives have a vision for this country and I hope we can find a way to implement that.''
Ms Cash particularly referred to what she described as 'lies' about her husband Octavious, a close friend of David Cameron's.
It says something about how Cameron has utterly failed to win over the public that some of his most favourite candidates, people he imagined as future Tory stars, have failed even to be elected in places like Westminster North.

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