Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The House GOP is Back!

I've always said that the GOP would have great difficulty after the last election defining what it is that they actually stand for. After all the deregulation which had been their mantra for the past thirty years had resulted in the worst banking meltdown in living memory.

And, as Obama fought to enact his stimulus package, opinion polls showed that 67% of the public approved of Obama's handling of the stimulus and 58% disapproved of the way the Republicans handled this issue.

But, astonishingly, the GOP have produced this commercial snappily entitled, "The GOP is Back" celebrating the fact that no house Republicans backed this bill.

Are they utterly insane? Have they no notion that the public do not back the stance which they have taken? This strikes me as a commercial made by a group of people who are talking to themselves. They are in an even worse condition than the one I predicted.


daveawayfromhome said...

They are a group of people maneuvering to regain power is what they are. They are repeating the lie. They hope if they repeat it often enough, it will be regarded as the truth. It's worked before.

Kel said...

I think they are insane, Dave. They are so out of whack from everyone else it's hysterical.

And I think Obama will be rather adept at reminding people just who caused this particular mess.

Steel Phoenix said...

after sept. 11, the majority was thirsty for blood and supported the patriot act and the invasion of two foreign nations. Now they are demanding that something be done by government to fix the economy. in the latter case as well as the former, those who came out against the madness will reap the political rewards of their investment of opposition in 4 years time.

Kel said...

I know that that is the Republican hope SP, but I simply don't see it working.