Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Congresswoman Blackburn, Where Was the GOP When Bush Was Spending?

Here's a further example of how Republicans tend to think that their own concerns are automatically the concerns of "the American people", no matter what the opinion polls say.

Congresswoman Blackburn does a poor job of trying to place the blame for what took place under the Bush administration on the fact that the Democrats controlled both houses for the past two years. The Republicans seem to be unwilling to accept any responsibility for the financial crisis which occurred on their watch, and it's unedifying to watch them attempt to accuse Obama of fiscal irresponsibility.

Their own record simply isn't good enough for them to legitimately make such a charge.


Steel Phoenix said...

They were happily stuffing money in their pockets.

The Democrats are now doing the same.

Where is the discrepancy?

Kel said...

I find it simply baffling that Republicans can claim to be fiscal conservatives when they showed for the past eight years that they were nothing of the sort.

Steel Phoenix said...

heh, well, I guess the one thing the neocons do have a special sort of monopoly on is hypocrisy. Their false outrage is unmatched.

Kel said...

I often wonder is they simply assume that we have memory at all. Or, is that, if they repeat the lie often enough, then we will all come to believe them?