Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Scarborough: Perhaps We Don't Know What We're Talking About.

Even Joe Scarborough has now come to the realisation that perhaps Obama is on the money here and that Republicans, "don't know what we're taking about".

I watched the insane Lyndsey Graham the other day state:

Graham: What we've lost is a young president's promise to change things. Please don't say this is change I can believe in. And please don't underestimate how the public is pulling for you, but they don't like this bill.
Graham is actually doing what the Republicans always seem to do, he's imagining that his views are universal and that, when he speaks, he speaks for Americans as a whole. The Republicans seem to have no idea how out of touch they are. The reality, as Scarborough admits, is that 67% of the public approve of Obama's handling of the stimulus and 58% disapprove of the way the Republicans have handled this issue.

And yet Graham can stand up and insist that the public don't like this bill. The Republican party are talking to themselves on this issue. They are ignoring the fact that both Obama and McCain fought an election on the economy and that the public backed the ideas of Barack Obama. They are insisting that their ideas should prevail even though they lost the election.

He condemns, "the attitude, we won, we write the bill" as if the fact that one side won should actually be an irrelevance. He appears to think that the same Republican mindset which created this disaster should actually be the way out of it, despite the fact that his views were rejected by the electorate.

Lyndsey Graham epitomises why the Republicans deserve to be out of power for generations: they are simply too stupid to be trusted.

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