Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fleischer: I kept Bush from calling on 'dotcoms and oddballs'.

O'Reilly is so determined to run down all things Obama that he accuses Obama of breaking protocol by having a list which he refers to when calling for questions at a press conference. However, even Ari Fleischer finds himself unable to join O'Reilly in his latest round of Obama baiting:

O’REILLY: George Bush came in with a list of guys he was going to call on?

: Yes, I used to prepare it for him. I would give him a grid, show him where every reporter is seated. And there are some reporters, you know, in that briefing room, you can imagine, Bill, you get a lot of dot coms and other oddballs who come in there. They’re screened.

: Like the Huffington Post. Now it gets called on.

: And I used to seat them all in one section. I would call it "Siberia." And I told the President, "Don’t call on Siberia."
I actually think it's a good thing that the Huffington Post now gets called on. They probably have more readers in day than many of the broadsheets, so why shouldn't they get to ask questions?

But it's blatant that O'Reilly is simply looking for ways to fault Obama when he latches on to Obama continuing a practice which is was obvious that Bush employed and sees a fault when Obama does it that he didn't notice when this was done by Bush.

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nunya said...

If you read some of Stein's work at HuffPo , you'll wonder why O'Liely is on TV. Or for that matter, why TV newz is on TV.