Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rep. Michelle Bachmann: I May Not Always Get My Words Right.

I apologise. I've already linked once today to the rantings of this mad woman, but this campaign ad simply has to be seen to believed.

She wants to be elected based on her heart? And people should elect her to preserve "freedom"? That's insane. Why has this woman remained beneath the horizon for so long when she is quite clearly a satirist's dream? The fact that she manages to get so many empty platitudes into a mere thirty seconds should be reported to the Guinness Book of Records.


Todd Dugdale said...

I've undertaken an effort on my blog to explain to non-Minnesotans exactly how such a repulsive mistake as Bachmann could have happened here.

The ad that you show has been widely presented locally as an "apology", even though she apologises for nothing.

This woman, a staunch supporter of Bush's police-state surveillance and proponent of denying people the right to vote, wishes to cast herself as an advocate of "freedom and liberty".

She has been wrapped up in an ugly scandal in Minnesota as well. She vouched for the integrity of a con man named Vennes who defrauded several fundamentalist Christian churches and charities out of everything. Her recent remarks were just a further confirmation of her poor judgement.

What has saved her up to this point is that she has run against very weak candidates. Her opponent in this election, Tinklenberg, is really nothing more than a moderate Republican himself who happened to run on the Democratic ticket.

She has been a darling of the neo-cons, as one of the few new right-wing candidates to win in the Republican massacre of 2006. Her defeat will be a keenly-felt ideological blow to movement conservatism, though it will mean little in the bigger balance of power.

Kel said...


Thanks for that. And I read your article with interest. "People who want greater amenities whilst paying less taxation?" What could possibly be wrong with that concept?

And I read on Crooks and Liars that this ad had been promoted as an apology, despite the fact that it's nothing of the sort.

And I love the illogicality of claiming that the choice on offer is between government and freedom. She really is saying elect me or lose your freedoms.

She is a walking cliche of neo-con catchphrases.