Saturday, October 25, 2008

A New Low: Right wingers smear Obama's visit to dying grandmother.

I rarely spend too much time covering what's written on the right wing blogs as I find most of them to be simply insane and hate filled.

However, the reaction of some right wingers to the fact that Obama has cut his campaign short to visit his dying grandmother has simply shocked me with it's callousness.

It started with Brad Blakeman making this crass assertion that Obama should not be using his campaign plane but should, "be humping his bags on a commercial plane". This is something which Blakeman thinks the American public are outraged by.

This has carried over to the right wing blogs where further assertions are being made that are simply false.

Riehl World View states this:

Obama was in Hawaii for a full week - on vacation just in August. Did he do some "chores" for Grandma? Did they sit down and "talk."

Yeah, for all of one hour out of an entire week based on reports. And he didn't even take the wife and kids.

When the truth is this:
While on a weeklong vacation, Obama visited Dunham at her modest apartment building in Honolulu nearly every day, often with his wife, Michelle, and their two young daughters in tow.
And it's not as if this information has been hidden:
During their vacation, Obama and his family visited Dunham at her apartment nearly every day.
Now bear in mind that they are throwing around these smears just as the guy is visiting a gravely ill 85 year old woman, who was pivotal to his upbringing.

This is why I so rarely engage with what these nutters write. Apart from the fact that they simply invent facts to suit their own prejudice, you actually end up feeling slightly soiled even writing about this stuff.

To attack someone as they are saying what is probably their last goodbye to their 85 year old grandmother is about as sick as it gets.

To do so whilst failing to do even the most elementary research into whether what you are saying is true or false simply beggars belief.

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