Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Palin To Limbaugh: Media Wants Me To "Shut Up"


Rush Limbaugh: "The media is covering up for him. That is why there's so much admiration for you. The New York Times said you were a great speaker....your forcefulness and your opinions are driving away moderates. This is just an attempt to get you to stop."

Sarah Palin: "Well, yes, I guess that message is they do want me to sit down and shut up, but that's not gonna happen.
Then do a press conference and talk as freely as you dare and allow the press to find out what you know and don't know.

But we all know she won't do that. She'll hide until election day whilst claiming that she is being muzzled by the press.

Is there anyone on the planet who can't see through this shit?


Here she uses the line she always uses towards "protesters".
"I would hope at least that protesters have the courage and the honour of thanking our veterans for giving them the right to protest."
Notice the guy come from behind to point out to her, "They just can't hear you back there, that's why they're yelling loud."

There are no protesters there at all. Experience would tell a politician when they are being heckled and when the crowd simply wants them to speak louder.

Palin has almost none. Which is why she makes such a rookie error.

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