Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New poll puts Obama 14 points ahead of McCain.

A new poll from the New York Times and CBS News puts Barack Obama 14 points ahead of John McCain, confirming the belief that McCain's negative ads are harming himself rather than Obama.

The 53% to 39% gulf in the two main candidates' poll ratings suggests that Obama is continuing to capitalise from public anxieties prompted by the financial crisis. Detailed questions contained in the poll also indicate that McCain's strategy of launching increasingly personal attacks against his opponent have had an adverse effect, turning voters off McCain rather than sowing seeds of doubt in their minds about the Democratic nominee.

Sixty per cent of voters told the survey they felt McCain had spent more time knocking his adversary than in explaining his own policies; the reserve impression held true for Obama.

The 14-point differential is the most dramatic poll result to appear in recent days, but falls in line with most findings that have shown steadily growing support for Obama. Gallup has Obama with a 6-point lead, and SurveyUSA with 5.

Of course, McCain would have us believe that his campaign has Obama exactly where he wants him, which is the final proof that McCain is struggling to hold on to the wingnuts and has to make these preposterous claims to keep the insane attending his rallies.

The truth on the ground is very different:

The wind is also behind Obama's sails in several key swing states that are widely accepted to hold the nation's fate in their hands. Recent polls suggest he is comfortably ahead in Pennsylvania and Colorado, though only marginally ahead in Florida and Ohio where the results are within the margin of error and therefore considered a toss up.

McCain is now threatening to raise the subject of William Ayers during tonight's debate, which is the last of the election cycle, recognising that he now needs a knockout punch to have any chance of victory.

I suspect that his knockout punch will prove a dud as the link he is seeking to make between Obama, Ayers and terrorism is tenuous to say the least. And I hardly think, at this stage, that further negative attacks are likely to do McCain any good, especially when they are so obviously bogus.

It says a lot about how utterly lost McCain's campaign are that they are reduced to this, bringing up crimes someone committed when Obama was eight years old and attempting to say that Obama is guilty by association.

And the fact that they are doing this at a time when the polls say that McCain spends more time attacking Obama than laying out his own plans for the future, says all that needs to be said.

McCain and his team really have no other gear than attack mode. This is the only kind of politics that they understand, and they continue it even when the polls tell them it is counterproductive.

And they do so in the full knowledge that there are many who feel that they are blurring the line between negative campaigning and incitement to violence.

The hatred that comes out of the McCain/Palin crowds is something awful to behold. It is a hatred which, despite Palin's claims, is not founded on the truth but on a wilful distortion of the truth by people who lack a counter argument to Obama's vision for America.

The truth is that McCain and his campaign have no coherent message, they have no alternative vision for the US other than more of the same and they seek to hide this by foul and misguided attacks on their opponent.

The fact that they keep doing it, even when it is shown not to be working, says all that needs to be said.

McCain's campaign is idiotic, shambolic and dishonest. It will one day be studied in order that others learn the lessons of what not to do when seeking high office.

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