Monday, October 20, 2008

Nancy Pfotenhauer on "real Virginia".

This is more and more becoming a theme of McCain's deluded campaign. First, Sarah Palin says that certain parts of the US are pro-America, implying that the parts of the US which don't vote Republican are somehow anti-America, and then we have this:

Nancy Pfotenhauer, whilst admitting that certain parts of Virginia now lean towards the Democrats, states that "the rest of the state, real Virginia" will remain Republican.

So it's not only an act of anti-Americanism to vote for the Democrats, but the states which do so aren't even part of "real" America.

If the polls are to be believed then the majority of America is about to commit an act of anti-Americanism and declare that they are no longer part of the "real" USA.

And McCain's bizarre campaign staggers on....

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