Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's because he's black!

You knew it was coming. Powell has endorsed Obama, so according to Republican logic, it must be because he is black.

Forget the fact that the past eight years have been horrendous, forget the Iraq war, the deficit, the current economic crisis, the fact that McCain is running one of the most dishonest campaigns in modern history, the fact that his obsession with William Ayers proves that he doesn't want to discuss the issues that matter to most voters; Powell must be endorsing him because he is black.

That comment alone is further proof of why the Republicans deserve to be hounded out of office like the dogs that they are. They simply don't understand the damage that they have wreaked. The truth is that they have never given a shit about ordinary people and have always believed their own lies.

Now, they can't understand why their lies aren't working. F#ck them. I hope they find themselves out of power for a generation. Maybe then they'll start to question the lunatics that they have allowed to take over their party.

Maybe then they'll learn the lesson that, when the worldwide economy is collapsing, no-one gives a shit about Bill Ayers or any of the other lies they are spewing.

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