Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama.

McCain now defends his robocalls and starts asking that Obama repudiate the comments of John Lewis, saying that McCain and Palin were playing with fire with the tenor of their campaign.

Obama's campaign have actually rejected Lewis' comparison so I don't know what McCain is gibbering about. And he's so far out on a limb now that even Fox News have to ask him about this shit.

It's all become too much for Colin Powell who has now jumped ship and endorsed Obama.

McCain's campaign is simply insane. In the middle of an economic crisis, McCain is gaining no traction with this William Ayers shit, but he seems to have nothing else in his box. As even Bill Kristol has said, McCain keeps doing stuff even when it shown not to be working. And Powell states that the obsession with William Ayers is one of the reasons that he can't endorse McCain.

But McCain won't stop because he has nothing left to offer.

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