Monday, October 20, 2008

America sees double as Palin braves 'Saturday Night Live'

I watched Palin's appearance on Saturday Night Live and was unsure what to make of it. She acknowledged that she was avoiding press conferences, which I thought odd, as that is one of the main criticisms levelled against her: She is deliberately avoiding the scrutiny that one would normally expect a Vice Presidential candidate to go through, and many of us feel that she is doing so because any examination would prove her to be simply unready for the job.

But a part of me thought that, in the same way that McCain recently appeared on Letterman, their campaign has decided to launch a charm offensive, in which they try to win over voters by showing that they are good eggs capable of laughing at themselves.

As a substitute for policy it leaves a lot to be desired, but at least they are not alienating people.

However, this morning, I find that The Independent has summed it up for me:

Though her performance will no doubt increase her skyrocketing celebrity, a cynic might venture that it has come to something when a person seeking to become vice-president of the most powerful nation on earth celebrates being an object of derision.

It may also be unwise for Ms Palin to have joked about the fact that party handlers deem her too thick to appear in unscripted press conferences.

That's it in a nutshell, she's celebrating the fact that she has become an object of derision and is seeking to be thought a good sport for admitting as much.

That's actually pitiful.

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