Wednesday, October 15, 2008

McCain: Voter Fraud Could Make Me Lose In Florida.

On the same day that a new poll puts Barack Obama 14 points ahead of John McCain, he takes to the airwaves to complain that voter fraud by Acorn might deny him the battleground states.

He then asks for an investigation into Acorn and Obama's relations with them. He's leaving totally aside, of course, his own relations with Acorn. Something which he now seems keen to distance himself from.

There's nothing that McCain won't say now to try and take attention away from the fact that he's losing, not because of voter fraud, but because his campaign stinks. Even fellow Republicans agree on that point.


daveawayfromhome said...

The Acorn thing is utter bullshit. As I understand it, when registering voters ALL Registrations *MUST* be turned in to the Registrar, even if the Registrant writes their name as I.C. Wiener. NOT turning in such registrations means serious prison time.

The reasons should be obvious - Imagine that ACORN was throwing away some of their registrations. Now suppose some of those were for Republican voters. Can you imagine the stink that would raise?

Sorry, aint no "fraud being uncovered" here, virtually all of the bogus registrations were flagged - by ACORN - as problematic. Would you say the Bank of America is engaged in fraud if they call the Feds to report that they believe they have received hundreds of counterfeit 20's, they then hand them over to the feds...and then it turns out that a dozen fake bills slipped by them in the course of a year?

Acorn is hated by Republicans because it is a private company that helps, among other things, put homes in the hands of poor people.

The arguement is sound: people can spend money on rent, or the same money on purchasing a home of their own. The difference is that usually the poorer people cannot get that $10,000 together for the down payment. Acorn helps those people.

Kel said...


I agree that the charges against Acorn are utter bullshit.

McCain will, at this point, say anything at all that he thinks will help him.

And the truth has never been his strongest point.