Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Conservatives Blame McCain As Obama Landslide Approaches.

It's extraordinary to watch the way the Republicans are deserting this sinking ship. I know that many Democrat supporters won't feel sure that Obama's sealed this until three years into his presidency, but the writing does appear to be on the wall.

Like everyone else, I am reluctant to jinx things, but I simply can't see any way for McCain to pull this back.

538.com now give McCain a mere 5.1% chance of taking the White House.

The truth is, as the Republicans in this video state, that McCain simply doesn't have an overarching narrative for this campaign.

I honestly think that he somehow feels he has done enough simply on the grounds that he was once a POW to have earned his place in the White House.

That's why he treated Obama with such disdain during the debates. He really can't understand how this guy is beating him in the polls.

McCain might talk of change but, as he showed in a recent debate, he actually thinks change is "not only naive, it's dangerous".

As Obama put it in his convention acceptance speech, "John McCain doesn't get it."

He doesn't get how unpopular the Republicans have become under Bush. He doesn't get how dangerous it was to name Palin as his running mate, and he blatantly doesn't get how freaked out most people are about the economy. If he did, he wouldn't be spending all his time talking about William Ayers, a man who the vast majority of Americans simply don't give a toss about, and he would spend his time telling ordinary working class people the ways in which his administration would help them.

But attack is all that he seems to know. As one of his own side says, "He substitutes vehemence for coherence."

That's it in a nutshell.

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