Tuesday, October 14, 2008

McCain Claims Obama Rally Crowds Call Him Terrorist, Traitor.

The McCain campaign lie so often that it is actually quite hard to keep up with them.

In this clip McCain claims that Obama's supporters also shout out "Terrorist" when McCain's name is mentioned at Obama rallies. This is extraordinary. I've never heard anyone make this claim and I have never seen any footage that would give credence to this charge.

I might be wrong but I am assuming that McCain is simply making this up out of whole cloth.

And it wouldn't be the first time. FactCheck.Org have looked into McCain's claims in a TV commercial that Obama lied about his connection to William Ayers and found that the advert is simply not true:

In a TV ad, McCain says Obama "lied" about his association with William Ayers, a former bomb-setting, anti-war radical from the 1960s and '70s. We find McCain's claim to be groundless. New details have recently come to light, but nothing Obama said previously has been shown to be false.

In a Web ad and in repeated attacks from the stump, McCain describes the two as associates, and Palin claims they "pal around" together. But so far as is known, their relationship was never very close. An Obama spokesman says they last saw each other in a chance encounter on the street more than a year ago.

McCain says in an Internet ad that the two "ran a radical 'education' foundation" in Chicago. But the supposedly "radical" group was supported by a Republican governor and included on its board prominent local civic leaders, including one former Nixon administration official who has given $1,500 to McCain's campaign this year. Education Week says the group's work "reflected mainstream thinking" among school reformers. The group was the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, started by a $49 million grant from the Annenberg Foundation, which was established by the publisher Walter Annenberg, a prominent Republican whose widow, Leonore, is a contributor to the McCain campaign.
Once again we find a chasm of difference between what McCain claims and what the facts are. Historians should study this campaign for the way in which the McCain/Palin ticket tried to run by simply stating what they would have liked the truth to be whilst blithely ignoring facts.

I've genuinely never known a campaign like this one. They continue to tell lies even after the things that they are claiming have been proven to be untrue.


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