Sunday, September 28, 2008


I have always argued that the McCain campaign is being run on the assumption that the American people are stupid, but this latest ad takes it even further and assumes that the American people must be moronic.

Here he takes a collection of moments during the debate where Obama showed a grace which McCain notably lacked and he thinks he can string them together into an ad to prove... what?

I mean, seriously, who is this ad for? Who would be dumb enough to watch this and think "Obama thinks McCain is right, so he must be right!"

It says an awful lot about what the McCain camp think of the intelligence of the average American voter that they could ever insult them by producing this nonsense.

Truly pathetic. And they wonder why they are behind in the polls?


Anonymous said...

I hate that some people equate agreement with weakness. The ad seems to implying just that. So I guess leadership of a "democratic" government means you should do what nobody wants. Right, got it.

Kel! I still read your blog. I have a new blog now. I linked to you straightaway. I am a serial blog creator. I love new things.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and this is Will.

Kel said...


How lovely to hear from you! And yes, McCain is pathetically making out that Obama was so bowled out by his arguments that he simply had to agree.

And I'll be over to your new blog as soon as I post this.