Saturday, September 27, 2008

Don't Blame Palin, Blame McCain.

More and more Repugs are waking up to reality.

Cue Rich Lowry:

I've been swamped with other stuff, but just for the record: I thought Palin was dreadful. She obviously didn't have the reaction to the Charlie Gibson interview that I had hoped. She had better be better prepared for next week or she risks damaging her political brand forevermore.
I strongly disagree. Palin has never had "a political brand" to damage. She was a regional politician who John McCain decided was ready to be second in command for the most powerful nation on Earth.

The only reputation that can be damaged here is McCain's.

It's foolish to even attempt to place the blame for this on Palin's head. She was chosen. The blame lies with the guy who made the choice.

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