Tuesday, October 05, 2010

O'Reilly: If you don't count African-Americans and liberals, Obama "has very little support in the rest of the country".

Even by O'Reilly's standards, this is painful.

Basically he is saying, if you remove over half of the country, then no-one supports Obama.

I could counter that if you remove Tea Party supporters, rabid right wingers and gun toting lunatics, then no-one watches O'Reilly.


Steel Phoenix said...

Well said, but I think he was likely implying that Obama has lost the moderates, which is likely true for the moment, but doesn't mean much. These are the people who complain about having to stand in line at the fast food place for five minutes, but wait until they get to the register to look at the menu.

Kel said...

The way he put it was ridiculous.

And I love your fast food customer analogy.