Sunday, September 19, 2010

Russell Brand arrested over airport altercation.

Russell Brand has been arrested at Los Angeles airport, but what's astonishing about this story is that he was arrested by a paparazzo, who placed him under citizens arrest until the police showed up!

Russell Brand has been arrested following an altercation with a photographer, police in Los Angeles have said.

The 35-year-old comedian was taken into custody at Los Angeles international airport for a misdemeanour charge of simple battery. Brand was released from LAPD's Pacific Division after posting $20,000 (£12,800) bail.

The victim, a paparazzo who was not identified, placed Brand under citizen's arrest, an airport police spokeswoman said. The alleged attack was first reported by TMZ, which posted video of the altercation. It occurred as Brand and his fiancee, singer Katy Perry, were surrounded by paparazzi as they entered the terminal that houses Delta airlines. Brand has made no comment about the incident.

Now, obviously I have no idea what took place at Los Angeles airport -although I have watched the video and the "assault" appears to be an extremely minor one - but I have never heard of the paparazzi taking it upon themselves to arrest the celebrities whom they are hounding.

This is a troubling development to say the least. Because the paparazzi are hardly famous for their law abiding nature.
One photographer allegedly assaulted several people, including two children, while trying to obtain photos of a birthday outing for Reese Witherspoon's daughter; another was arrested for allegedly ramming his minivan into Lindsay Lohan's Mercedes in order to film her distress.
Are we now to endure them arresting celebrities and selling the pictures of that arrest for profit? Because nothing could possibly go wrong there, right?

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