Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beck: "This country will have a very short future if you base it on the friends" of Oct. 2 rally.

It was inevitable that Glenn Beck would react badly to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert's determination to hold a spoof rally mocking the rally which Beck held.

Beck takes himself too seriously not to react. Indeed, he thinks his rally will go down in history. It takes quite an ego to make that claim.

But I didn't expect him to describe the Stewart/Colbert rally in the over-the-top way in which he does here.

He describes the friends of One Nation as "radicals, revolutionaries, Communist, agitators, that's all they are. They haven't been brought together since the 1960's. This is the point that I have been warning about for a long time. When their poll numbers go down, and when they get desperate, they will take to the streets and they will agitate."

See, how that works? When people who support Beck take to the streets, we are watching "good decent people"; however, when Colbert and Stewart hold a rally we are suddenly asked to see "agitators."

And I love how anything less than two million people on the mall for Stewart and Colbert will be "a failure". Is Beck seriously now claiming that he attracted two million people to his rally? Is he seriously claiming that more people attended his rally than attended the inauguration of America's first ever black president?

It's impossible to take this guy seriously.

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