Sunday, August 01, 2010

Right-wing media respond to AZ ruling with unhinged rhetoric

I did expect that the far right would go bat shit crazy over an Arizona judge's ruling that blocked parts of the state's immigration law from taking effect.

But they always surprise me by just how nutty they actually go.

Media Matters has been covering it:

Limbaugh predicts that "Muslim terrorists" will "have a field day in Arizona." On the same show, Limbaugh also stated that "we now have a situation where the federal government, through the executive branch and this court, is saying that state and local law enforcement is essentially barred from inquiring into the legal status of individuals who are stopped incidental to other potential violations. That's the net effect." Limbaugh went on to say: "Muslim terrorists are going to have a field day in Arizona. You cannot ask them where they're from. You cannot even act like we know where they're from. You cannot ask them for their papers. We can ask you for yours. Not them." [The Rush Limbaugh Show, 7/28/10]

Wash. Times' Kuhner asks, "Should Arizona secede?" In a July 29 column headlined "Should Arizona secede?" The Washington Times' Jeffrey Kuhner stated that the ruling "is unilaterally disarming the people of Arizona in the face of a dangerous enemy" and that "leftist judges -- elitist activists in black robes -- override democratic legitimacy." Kuhner warned that the United States is in danger of becoming a "socialist superstate" and claimed, "The choice is becoming starkly apparent: devolution or dissolution." Kuhner's column was promoted by the Fox Nation.

Hannity, Doocy suggest federal government "won't protect" Arizona residents. In an interview with Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, Sean Hannity stated on the July 28 edition of his Fox News show, "Is it a fair interpretation in your mind -- today's court ruling -- to say that it appears that the federal government won't protect American citizens, won't enforce the law, and also, on the other hand, now the state of Arizona, that you can't do it either?" Similarly, on the July 29 edition of Fox & Friends, co-host Steve Doocy asked, "If the feds won't protect the people and Governor Brewer can't protect her citizens, what are the people of Arizona supposed to do?"

Beck suggests that ruling is suicidal. In a discussion with Kris Kobach, a law professor and Republican candidate for Kansas Secretary of State who helped write Arizona's immigration law, Glenn Beck stated that with the judge's ruling, "you have a suicide pact with the Constitution now for states". Savage: "The judge is a criminal who should be put in jail." Radio host Michael Savage responded to the ruling by calling Bolton a "criminal," adding that "[i]n a sane country, she'd be arrested."
This is what makes the current Republican party such a joke. I mean, seriously, how can one ever begin to talk rationally to people who are that insane?

It was the same during the healthcare debate. Had they made the point that they objected to paying for the healthcare of someone else, then a genuine debate could be held. But they don't. They start talking about "death panels" and other nonsense. It becomes almost impossible to engage in a rational conversation with someone who is literally just making stuff up.

When you listen to Limbaugh, Beck and Savage it really is like a competition to see who can say the craziest nonsense.

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