Sunday, August 01, 2010

Fury as Israel president claims English are 'anti-semitic'

Shimon Peres in an astonishing interview has pronounced the English as anti-Semitic and has said that they are, "deeply pro-Arab ... and anti-Israeli", adding: "They always worked against us."

He added: "There is in England a saying that an anti-Semite is someone who hates the Jews more than is necessary."
Well, I live in England and I can honestly say that I have never heard anything like that phrase. In truth I really don't think such a phrase exists.

But, of course, he is really saying this because David Cameron referred to Gaza as a "prison camp". For that, the whole of England is being written off as anti-Semites.

Now, even the Conservative Friends of Israel vice chairman has stated that Peres has got this one wrong.

But following his comments, James Clappison, the Conservative MP for Hertsmere and vice-chairman of Conservative Friends of Israel, said: "Mr Peres has got this wrong.

"There are pro- and anti-Israel views in all European countries. Things are certainly no worse, as far as Israel is concerned, in this country than other European countries."

The MP added that he could "understand the frustration" that people in Israel felt with "certain elements of the British broadcast media" which present an unbalanced view of Israel.

He said: "I can understand Mr Peres' concerns, but I don't recognise what he is saying about England."

And some Rabbis have also spoken out:
Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain, minister of Maidenhead synagogue and a writer and broadcaster, said: "I am surprised at Peres. It is a sweeping statement that is far too one-sided.

"Britain has supported both Israel and Arab causes at different periods over the last 50 years. There are elements of anti-semitism but it is not endemic to British society.

"The tolerance and pluralism here make Britain one of the best countries in the world in which to live."

It really is an appalling accusation to throw at an entire nation simply because you don't like what their PM said about the way you are treating people that you are militarily occupying.

Where I think he is right is when he says this:
"They think the Arabs are the underdogs."
Is there some alternate universe where the Palestinians are not the underdogs?

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libhom said...

The worst part is that Peres is trivializing real anti Semitism.

Anonymous said...

I too was surprised until I read the interview in the Spectator. Of course Peres said nothing of the sort. His was a very careful argument. I wonder if it would be a good restart if we all refrained from accusing otherwise decent people of anti-semitism unless it is the only explanation for a comment and then never ananonomously.

Anonymous said...

This couldn't be the same Shimon Peres who reportedly negotiated secretly with the vicious South African, nationalist apartheit partyy regime, some twenty years ago, to sell them Israeli nuclear weapons with which to subjugate the indigenous population, but then denied recent press reports, saying there was no real proof - could it?

Anonymous said...

here is what i have to say to Shimon Peres, FUCK YOU ZIONIST PIG, thank you

Kel said...

The worst part is that Peres is trivializing real anti Semitism.

I agree. Criticising Israeli policy and anti-Semitism are not one and the same.

Israel should reserve the charge of anti-Semitism for when it is truly needed.