Friday, August 27, 2010

Ingaham Loses It When Cab Attack Is Mentioned.

Scott Stringer commits the crime of bringing up the stabbing of a New York cab driver in front of Laura Ingraham in the context of the hate being fomented by Fox and others towards Muslims.

It's fair to say that she explodes. She begins ranting that the Tea Party movement has a "huge and positive influence in the United States". She then says that she thinks the "duelling protesters" over the Ground Zero mosque are to be encouraged "on both sides". When Stringer points out to her that "constructive debate" is good, she rounds on him as an "elitist" for daring to suggest what is constructive and what is not.

She then, again, asks if he believes that America has more blood on it's hands than al Qaeda, which she has shown in recent days that she thinks is a game changer.

At one point she even tells Stringer to "pipe down".

I know she has a tendency to shout down guests who don't allow her to preach her far right message, but, even by her standards, this is shameless.

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