Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ingraham Talks Over Colmes as he reminds her of her previous position.

Alan Colmes does very well in trying to point out reality to the awful Laura Ingraham, but it's hard to get her to stop transmitting and start receiving. She simply talks over him when he points out that she said to Daisy Khan that she had no problem with the building of the Park 51 mosque.

COLMES: This is worth seeing who the intolerant people are in this country. It's interesting that the word "tolerance" was used with you and the love fest you had with Liz Cheney. But the real intolerance we're seeing are from those people who don't seem to believe in religious freedom in this country. And I'm interested that you were very much for this when you interviewed Daisy Khan or spoke with her.

INGRAHAM: Actually, you're not reading the transcript correctly, Alan.

OLMES: I did read the transcript.

INGRAHAM: I never said I was for building the mosque--

COLMES: You actually did.

INGRAHAM: --600 feet from Ground Zero.

COLMES: You actually said I don't have a problem--

INGRAHAM: I said I like what you're doing. No, I said--

COLMES: I like what you're doing, which is--

INGRAHAM: No, I said I can't find a lot of people who have a problem with it. I like what she said--


INGRAHAM: --about bringing Muslims into the American experience.

COLMES: Right and that--

INGRAHAM: And I repeated that last night. Absolutely.

COLMES: And that hasn't changed. That hasn't changed.

INGRAHAM: When she goes on television and calls people who question the positioning of the mosque, where it is, not the right to build it--

COLMES: Right.

INGRAHAM: --but the place of building as people who hate Muslims--

COLMES: You know--

INGRAHAM: --I reject that. That's intolerant.
More than even Bill O'Reilly, Ingraham makes no attempt to hide her agenda.

One can see that she thinks she has an ace card to play when she asks Colmes if he agrees with Imam Feisal Rauf that America has more blood on it's hands than al Qaeda. Colmes stuns her by stating, "I agree with it in the broader context". She almost recoils that Colmes can agree with such a proposition, as if the dead 500,000 Iraqi babies can be swept under the carpet of history.

Colmes does well to point out that she is taking one sentence out of context and repeating it as if this one sentence is proof that Rauf is not a bridge builder. And it is of no interest to her whether or not the sentence is factually accurate, it is the stating of such a fact publicly which she finds so offensive.

She then invites that well known lunatic Ralph Peters on to aid her with her sweeping.
Peters: Alan didn't answer your question which was, "Do you believe America has more blood on it's hands than al Qaeda?" as Imam Rauf said publicly. Well, we all know that's not true.We all know the crazy claim that Imam Rauf said... that 500,000 babies starved to death... because of America. It's not true.
Actually, it is true as UNICEF pointed out at the time. And no, they didn't starve as Peters rightly points out, they died of other causes, such as a lack of clean water and medicines.
Throughout the period of sanctions, the United States frustrated Iraq’s attempts to import pumps needed in the plants treating water from the Tigris, which had become an open sewer thanks to the destruction of treatment plants. Chlorine, vital for treating a contaminated water supply, was banned on the grounds that it could be used as a chemical weapon. The consequences of all this were visible in paediatric wards. Every year the number of children who died before they reached their first birthday rose, from one in 30 in 1990 to one in eight seven years later. Health specialists agreed that contaminated water was responsible: children were especially susceptible to the gastroenteritis and cholera caused by dirty water.
This is a matter of public record. It ought not to even be controversial. Indeed, when asked about this on TV, then-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright made no attempt to deny the figure and even went on to state that "it was worth it." But, on Fox, facts are what they want them to be and the truth has a liberal bias.

Ingraham actually thinks that Rauf cannot be a bridge builder because he has reminded the US of the result of a past policy which the US would rather forget. That, to her, is his crime.

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