Saturday, August 28, 2010

Demonizing the Opposition.

It really is too much when Laura Ingraham accuses her opponents of "demonizing the opposition".

According to Ingraham's victimology, it is the people who are against the mosque who are being demonized, it is they who are having names thrown at them. Let's leave aside the Muslim taxi driver who was attacked for the crime of being a Muslim, or the fact that drunks have been urinating in Mosques in Queens. Let's leave all that aside and remember that the real victims of this piece are the poor right wingers who are being called out for the rampant Islamophobia which they are engaging in.

The right wing have a long history of turning the perpetrator into the victim in cases such as this. Ingraham is merely giving that tired trick a new run around the block.


Rev. Barry Lynn points out that the "Newt Gingrichs and the Sarah Palins" are more responsible for the "demonization" of Muslims than anyone else. And it is the Muslims who are being demonized here, despite what Ingraham claims. The evidence, as he points out, is all over the country.

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