Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Iowa billboard compares Obama to Hitler; draws criticism.

I suppose the intention of this advert was to sell the notion - strangely believed by a majority of Americans - that Obama is a socialist.

However, when you put a picture of Obama next to pictures of Lenin and Hitler then that message somehow gets lost. To the extent that even other tea party groups are offering criticism.

A billboard created by an Iowa tea party group comparing President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Lenin is being condemned by other tea party activists.

The North Iowa Tea Party began displaying the sign in Mason City last week.

The sign includes photos of Obama, Nazi leader Hitler and communist leader Lenin with the statement: “Radical leaders prey on the fearful & naive.”

North Iowa Tea Party co-founder Bob Johnson says the sign highlights what the group argues is Obama’s support for socialism. He says the pictures might be overwhelming the intended message.

Shelby Blakely, a spokeswoman for the national Tea Party Patriots, says the sign isn’t appropriate. She says her group opposes any comparisons of Obama to Hitler or Lenin.

The White House declined to comment.

The hatred of some of the tea party movement towards Obama apparently blinds them to the fact that sometimes their arguments are mind numbingly dumb.

Indeed, putting Obama's picture next to Hitler and Lenin is almost an admission that you don't really have an argument at all.

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