Wednesday, July 14, 2010

French parliament approves ban on face veils.

What the Hell is going on in France?

The lower House of the French parliament today approved a ban on Islamic veils.

The move is popular among French voters, but has sparked serious concerns from Muslim and human rights groups.

In the vote, 336 members of the French national assembly voted for the bill, with only one voting against. Most members of the Socialist party, the main opposition group, refused to participate in the vote.

The ban on face-covering veils, or niqab, will go to the Senate in September, where it is also likely to be passed. Its biggest hurdle is likely to follow when it is scrutinised by the French constitutional watchdog scrutinises it.

Some legal scholars say there is a chance the ban could be ruled unconstitutional.

Why would you pass a law saying what people can and cannot wear? I can understand if they want to pass a law saying that no-one can be forced to wear a veil against their will, but to pass a law saying that no-one can wear a veil full stop strikes me as ridiculous.

Especially as some people have religious reasons for wanting to wear this.

This is a piece of legislation that is almost guaranteed to be struck down. But why would Sarkosy propose it in the first place, other than to garner extreme right wing support?

According to the Daily Mail - who, of course, wholeheartedly approve of this legislation - it only affects around 2,000 women in France. Why would Sarkosy legislate against such a tiny minority of his population? Unless that is the point. They are too small a minority to hurt him and he can gain cheap support by legislating against them.


The Daily Express are now claiming that demands for this law to be replicated in Britain "are growing". Indeed, they have even made this their front page.

Oh, the right wingers simply love this story.

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