Thursday, May 13, 2010

Boulton Shows His Bias.

I can't believe I missed this the other night, but then I was glued to the BBC. But watch Adam Boulton go ballistic at the thought that David Cameron might not get into Number Ten.

I have had my difficulties with Alastair Campbell but there is not a single thing he says here which is not constitutionally correct.

But Boulton gives away his colours loud and clear, even resorting in the end to stating, "I actually care about this country", clearly implying that anyone who wanted Brown in office didn't.

It's all so Glenn Beck....


It appears that I was the only person who missed this:

Media regulator Ofcom has received almost 1,500 complaints about Adam Boulton's on-screen clash with Alastair Campbell and Kay Burley's interview with electoral reformist David Babbs.


Ofcom has also received 696 complaints about
Sky News political editor Adam Boulton's on-screen row with former Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell. Most of the complainants are understood to have objected to what they viewed as unprofessional behaviour by Boulton, who appeared to lose his temper after Campbell accused him of being "upset that David Cameron is not prime minister".

Ofcom is still assessing 700 complaints that Boulton allegedly
"heckled" Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg about his expenses in the second leaders' debate.

Rupert is obviously trying to turn Sky News into Fox. The complaints it's generated show that he won't get away with this quite so easily here.

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