Thursday, May 13, 2010

Barak: Ministers' provocations over Jerusalem harming Israel's interests.

At last a sane voice comes from Netanyahu's government:

Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Thursday lambasted several cabinet ministers whose "provocative" comments he said were harming Israel's relations with the United States amid efforts to get the peace process going through indirect proximity talks with the Palestinians.

"I recommend everyone, both we and the Palestinians, avoid rash and provocative statements," said Barak, responding to a slew of comments made by ministers over the last few days regarding the contentious issue of construction in Jerusalem.
"These comments harm Israel's interests, both with regard to the United States and to the international community," said the defense minister.

"These remarks make Israel look like it refuses to make peace and to erode Israel's international reputation."

Barak's criticism came just hours after Interior Minister Eli Yishai declared that Israel had never agreed to freeze construction in Jerusalem, adding that such an American demand would never be met. He also vowed to expedite the procedures for construction across Israel, particularly in Jerusalem, the "capital of the Jewish nation's everlasting homeland.
Certain Israeli politicians seem to want to have their cake and eat it. They demand that the US continue to give them $3 billion a year in aid and offer them an almost automatic veto on anything which criticises them at the UN, but then pretend that what they do - or do not do - in the Occupied Territories and East Jerusalem is none of Obama's business.

And this becomes especially nonsensical when Obama has pointed out that Israel's actions put the lives of American servicemen at risk.

Perhaps Israeli politicians have become so used to American Senators offering them unconditional support that they feel there is nothing untoward in their behaviour. But Barak is right when he states that it looks as if they care little for their relationship with the US.

And this president is not, as he has previously shown, going to lie down and simply take that.

They should listen to Barak.

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