Saturday, April 24, 2010

College Republicans create ‘W’ Day to honor Bush.

College Republicans at Western Kentucky University have decided to honour their dear leader with the creation of a “W” Day:

“With President Bush often getting dogged quite a bit in the media, and amongst younger people, I felt it was our duty to show that there is a fair number that support President Bush and appreciate what he did for our country,” [student Timothy Gilliam] said. [...]

A booth was set up outside the Downing University Center where any supporter could sign a giant thank-you card that will be sent to Bush’s home in Texas. Passersby could also catch snippets of the former president’s most famous speeches and pick up a flier highlighting his accomplishments, Gilliam said.

Dear God, that must be a small piece of paper.

Gilliam said he’s going to share the idea with other universities due to its success. More than 200 fliers were handed out, and about 100 people signed the thank-you card, Gilliam said.

Well, that is what constitutes a roaring success. A hundred people signed the card... and 200 fliers were handed out.

Talk about aiming low....


daveawayfromhome said...

I'm sure Dubya did some good things. I dont remember any of them because they are completely over-shadowed by the lies, corruption and ineptitude of everything else, but I'm sure good things happened... occassionally... maybe. Even a blind squirrel sometimes finds a nut.

PFL0W said...

good God, the young students of today know nothing. these kids need to study.

Thank goodness they're in Kentucky.

I'm sure it's a short trip from there to the Creationists theme park.

Mo Rage
The Blog

Kel said...

Dave, He did very well with Aids in Africa but then screwed that up by insisting on a celibacy clause to please his lunatic base.

Mo, it's breathtaking the ignorance students sometimes display.