Saturday, March 27, 2010

The View From Israel.

We heard recently from Aipac that Obama should avoid criticising Netanyahu in public and essentially putting all the blame on his shoulders for the recent spat between the two nations.

It's well worth looking at what is being said in Israel's own newspapers about the government which Netanyahu is leading.


In the unnecessary fight with the United States, an essential ally for Israel, the Netanyahu government is showing itself to be the most extremist and dangerous in the country's history.

Yediot Ahronoth:

“Netanyahu too needs to do some thinking. Ever since he came to power via real democratic elections, and ever since he formed an impossible government, the State of Israel's global status has been deteriorating to the point of genuine danger. We're approaching, with immense speed, the realisation of the well-known song, The whole world is against us."


“It’s politics time now. Even if the magic formulas are found that will make it possible to square the circle and keep bumbling on, Binyamin Netanyahu knows that he is on a collision course. He will be able to avoid it once or twice, but in the end, it will come. The light that is looming ahead is the headlight of an oncoming train.”
Aipac may, unsurprisingly, see all the fault to be on the side of Obama, but the Israeli press are increasingly finding Netanyahu to be the one who is out of tune with the times.

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