Saturday, March 27, 2010

Right Wing Blogger Hopes for Obama/Netanyahu Secret Plot.

Does this constitute analysis on the right wing blogs?


WHY HAS BARACK OBAMA TREATED NETANYAHU SO RUDELY? “Obama would never treat the president of Equatorial Guinea that way.”

Possibly Obama just hates Israel and hates Jews. That’s plausible — certainly nothing in his actions suggests otherwise, really.

But it’s also possible — I’d say likely — that there’s something else going on. I think Obama expects Israel to strike Iran, and wants to put distance between the United States and Israel in advance of that happening. (Perhaps he even thinks that treating Israel rudely will provoke such a response, saving him the trouble of doing anything about Iran himself, and avoiding the risk that things might go wrong if he does). On the most optimistic level, maybe this whole thing is a sham, and the U.S. is really helping Israel strike Iran, with this as distraction. The question for readers is which of these — not necessarily mutually exclusive — explanations is most plausible.

That's one of the most bonkers things I have ever read, although I note in his update he says that he regards this analysis as "favourable to Obama". Which means that Obama attempting to find some way to facilitate an Israeli attack on Iran means that he is "serious" about national security.

That's the only circumstances under which Instapundit can "complement" Obama. If one suggests that Obama would engage in behaviour so lunatic that even George W. Bush wouldn't condone it, then one is being "favourable to Obama".

It simply never occurs to Instapundit that Obama is serious about Middle East peace and that Netanyahu is being obstructionist. That thought clearly never crosses his mind.

According to his world view, Obama is either an anti-Semite or he's secretly aiding an Israeli attack on Iran. Those are the only two options with which he presents us.

Has he been paying any attention to the battle which has raged between Obama and Netanyahu over the illegal Israeli settlements? Has he bothered even to read what the Israeli press are saying on this subject?

To think this is about facilitating an Israeli attack on Iran is just about the greatest example of wishful thinking that I think I have ever seen.

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Steel Phoenix said...

I doubt this is what Obama is thinking. It really doesn't strike me as in character.

On the other hand, the results may be the same regardless of intentions. I don't think Israel will back down. I think they will continue to escalate, all the way to an Iran strike if necessary, if we continue to push them. This is precisely why we have to. Every time we back down and give them what they want, they get stronger, and the damage for crossing them grows.

Kel said...

I agree that Obama should not back down, but an Israeli attack on Iran will not achieve anything regarding any nuclear ambitions Iran might possess.

And I think it would profoundly affect the relationship between Israel and the Obama administration.

And the notion, expressed by Instapundit, that this is a secret Obama ambition is simply fantastical.