Sunday, March 14, 2010

David Brooks Defends Liz Cheney: Liberals Called Dick Cheney Mean Names Too.

David Brooks compares Liz Cheney's attack on lawyers defending suspected terrorists to the names which were hurled at her father when he was Vice President and he asks that we consider this part of "the emotional content".

It's pointed out to him that these lawyers were not running for national office, where such attacks are to be expected, they were simply doing their jobs. And, whilst I was utterly against Dick Cheney's policies and his world view, I don't think anyone ever accused him of possibly sharing al Qaeda's values, which is exactly the implication his daughter heaped upon those lawyers.

Where Brooks imagines there is any comparison between the two is quite baffling to me.

He also claimed this:

I mean, it's just part of a long range of corrosive language. And, to be fair to Liz Cheney, if you Google Taliban and Liz Cheney, millions of people have called her a member of the Taliban and made similar charges.
I Googled it. I could find no evidence to support this claim. Try it and see how you get on.

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