Sunday, March 14, 2010

Amy Holmes Plays Apologist for Bush Torture Lawyers.

As Bill Maher says, this is "quite an analogy."

Amy Holmes attempts to find a similarity between Liz Cheney's disgraceful McCarthyite attack on lawyers who defended people accused of terrorism, and the people who questioned whether or not Yoo, Bybee and others had committed crimes when they told the Bush administration that it was legal to torture.

The Bizarro World of the Bush Torture Apologists:

Now, conservatives on both sides of the Liz Cheney "Al Qaeda 7" smear of the Obama Justice Department have entered Seinfeld's Bizarro World where the polar opposite of truth reigns. For the likes of David Brooks, Marc Thiessen and Amy Holmes, the Obama DOJ lawyers who defended the U.S. Constitution are no different than the Bush torture team that undermined it.

So, upholding the Constitution is comparable to ripping it up? This is the insanity that the right have been driven to whilst trying to defend the indefensible.

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