Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nigel Farage's Outburst.

I watched Question Time the other night and saw the panel round on Nigel Farage for his comments at the European parliament in which he said the European president had "the charisma of a damp rag" and "the appearance of a low grade bank clerk". He then went on to say that, "you have a loathing for the very concept of the existence of nation states, perhaps because you come from Belgium which, of course, is pretty much a non country."

It's an extraordinarily rude performance and I was pleased to see both the reaction of the Question Time audience and the reaction which his comments produced at the European parliament.

The general disgust at his tone was best summed up by the question from an audience member when he asked if this was, "conclusive proof that he and UKIP have become a boorish national embarrassment".


Anonymous said...

The British public don't seem to realize that there is a war on, which has been escalating over many, many years. Until the present it has been a war only with spoken and written words. We need more people like Nigel Farage, people with guts to stand up against the EU and its tyranny and fight for our country's freedom. If we fail we will be fighting with more lethal weapons than spoken and written words.

Anonymous said...

The British public realises very well that there is war on. However.. the war is not against the EU (which Britain chose to join). The war is on against decency and civilness. Britain can leave the EU whenever they want, but because mr. Farage has no say in this decision, he can not do otherwise than to express his miscontent about the EU in the only way he knows, namely how he himself really is. Rude and animallike. Clearly showing that he is not a man of sence or good upbringing. The man not only brings shame over himself, but over his parents and on the general view that people in Europe have about UK citizens.
It is indeed time to wake up. Wake up in the 21st. century. And learn from the past.
People like Nigel Farage are not rational and will never be accepted by a majority because if we take people like Nigel Farage as an example we will end up having situations comparable to the one in Germany that started in 1933 and ended in 1945. Some people might like it anyway, but they should remember that after 1945 came 1946.
If mr. Farage feels the need to blurt out his miscontent, then put him on speakers corner.

Anonymous said...

Nigel Farage's outburst was calculated, shameful and unprofessional. Apart from his loathing of the European Union he has an agenda of course which is to be thrown out of the European Parliament so that he may hold himself up as a defender of British interests in Europe when he seeks a seat at Westminster. The British public are not fools Mr Farage and your ploy is only too evident but in bringing shame on this country you have as it were, cooked your own goose.