Sunday, December 20, 2009

Senators Attend 'PrayerCast' to Pray for Health Care Bill Defeat.

Could this bunch get any creepier?

I preferred it when they made the more honest argument of "Why should I pay for you?" But this latest creepy nonsense about asking God to save babies from being aborted - none of which is actually in the bill - really freaks me out.

They have to be amongst the most dishonest politicians I have ever come across. They no longer want to argue on the merits of universal healthcare, so they resort to this nonsense.


Steel Phoenix said...

I agree about the creepy factor, but is there really anything left in this bill that you like? And can you really blame it on the Republicans when that snake Lieberman is the one who killed anything good it had left?

Kel said...

It's half a loaf, which is better than no loaf at all. And Lieberman is a snake, but he would have no power at all were the Republicans not voting en masse to block healthcare.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's just whjat their insignificant, make-believe diety would tell them to do. Why is it that these Krixstain mother-f--kers are the least Christ-like people you'd ever want to be in the same room with?