Monday, December 21, 2009

Barack Obama healthcare plan passes through US Senate.

It is undeniably half a loaf, and I wanted to see the whole loaf delivered, but I am going to proceed on the basis that half a loaf is better than no loaf at all.

Like Olbermann, I had wanted to see the public option in this bill, but the American system - with scumbags like Lieberman holding so much sway (Thanks to the universal opposition of the Republicans to anything which improves matters for ordinary Americans) - appears to me to simply not have the numbers to make that possible at the moment, so I suppose the Democrats have to do what the Republicans do so often; take what you can get and come back to fight another day.

President Barack Obama's landmark healthcare legislation passed its sternest Senate test early today, overcoming Republican delaying tactics on a 60-40 vote that all but assures its passage later this week.

"Let's make history," Democratic senator Tom Harkin said shortly before the bill's supporters showed their command of the senate floor in an extraordinary holiday season showdown.

The bill would extend coverage to more than 30 million Americans who now lack it, while outlawing insurance company practices such as the denial of benefits based on pre-existing medical conditions.

The atmosphere was partisan, but the outcome preordained as senators cast their votes from their desks, a practice reserved for issues of particular importance.

White House officials who have worked intensely on the issue watched from the visitor's gallery despite the hour. So, too, Vicki Kennedy, the widow of Democratic senator Ted Kennedy, who championed healthcare across a senate career that spanned more than 40 years.

The US is the only wealthy industrialised nation that does not have universal coverage.

If I was Obama I would now concentrate on finding a challenger to oppose Joe Lieberman, and I would throw every resource I had at removing that snake from office.

I note that even Howard Dean is now walking back from previous statements to now back what is left of the Democratic bill and try to improve it further down the line:

Well, let’s start with the positive things. Over the last week, there were things that were improved. There were some cost containment mechanisms that were gutted. They got restored. I would certainly not vote for this bill if this were the final product, but there are, the House bill is quite a good bill. This bill has improved over the last couple of weeks, I would let this thing go to conference committee and let’s see if we can fix it some more…so there are a lot of things that need to be fixed, but if they are fixed you may actually get the foundation of a bill, coming out of the House. If most of the House provisions survive, then we can have a bill that we could work with….I hope this isn’t the compromise that’s been achieved. I think we have yet to see the compromise that we could achieve.
Let's not pretend that this is not a grave disappointment, but let's also not pretend that this bill is not better than nothing.

I find it scandalous that the US is the only wealthy industrialised nation which does not have universal healthcare, but, until the Democratic party removes snakes like Lieberman from the body of the Kirk, then they will simply never have the votes to get such a thing passed.

The Blue Dog Democrats are a serious problem for that party.

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Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

A tip of the hat to the senator from Connecticut for killing the first chance we've ever had for meaningful health care reform....

Honestly, has there ever been as vengeful a little gnat as Joe Lieberman? You'd really have to search the archives of history pretty thoroughly to find someone comparable. There are many reasons why Al Gore was defeated in 2000 by a half-witted frat boy like George W. Bush. One of the main reasons was the abysmal choice of running mate Lieberman.

It was obvious during the debate with Dick Cheney during that campaign that comical Joe was a useless drag on the ticket. When Cheney said that his success in the private sector had nothing to do with the government, Lieberman let the statement stand. Cheney made his fortune at Haliburton because of Government contracts! Government had everything to do with it! Did he purposefully sabotage the Gore campaign? Maybe it's pure paranoia on my part but a case could be made that he did.

Say it ain't so, Revoltin' Joe.

Tom Degan
Goshen NY

Kel said...


I agree so much that I've added you to my BlogRoll!