Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Karl Rove: Obama took 80 days deciding, it only 'took us 50-some-odd days to remove the Taliban from power'.

Listen to these two tossers bloviating. O'Reilly is upset that Obama didn't "define evil" or "get emotional". He complains that Obama is almost too intellectual. He is actually making the argument that Obama is too clever and doesn't rely on his instincts enough.

What he utterly ignores is that it was Bush - who he supported - working from that infamous "gut" instinct of his who got the US into this shithole in the first place.

But listen to Rove prattle on:

It took him 80-some-odd days to do this, it took us 50-some-odd days to remove the Taliban from power after 9/11, and it took him some 80-odd days to say, 'I'm gonna give McChrystal three-quarters of what he requested in order to get done the job I told him to do on March 27.'
50 days to remove the Taliban from power and yet, eight years later, they are still an influence in Afghanistan because Bush took a sidestep into Iraq, which had bugger all to do with 9-11, terrorism or anything else.

The very fact that the people who rushed the US into two disastrous conflicts can now berate Obama for being too reflective is simply breathtaking.

These guys simply - even now - don't get just how badly they f@cked it up.


daveawayfromhome said...


Yeah, but it took Bush almost two years to go to Iraq, and look how that turned out. So there. See, longer time to decide equals bigger mistake.
Except, of course, that Iraq wasnt a mistake.


Kel said...

I don't know how they have the gall to make these arguments in public having f@cked things up to the extent that they did.

But yet, they still do it. Oh, I remember, they are morons...