Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Iran 'releases' British sailors.

I said yesterday that I thought Ahmadinejad was being foolish to hold on to the British yachtsmen, and the latest reports appear to suggest that he has come to his senses.

Five British yachtsmen who were being held by the Iranian Navy after allegedly straying into their waters, have been released, according to reports on Iranian state radio.

A Foreign Office spokeswoman said it was "actively investigating" reports, that the sailors, who were captured a week ago, have been freed.

I hope this turns out to be true. Holding them as spies was simply irrational paranoid rubbish which would only harden the resolve of those seeking to persuade the US to attack Iran.

Iran should be seeking to portray itself as a rational nation seeking to fulfill it's rights and obligations under the NNPT, and not make it so easy for it's enemies to portray it as a nation of paranoiacs who will accuse every Tom, Dick and Harry of being a spy.

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