Thursday, November 12, 2009

O'Reilly: 'We Can't Kill All the Muslims,' So We Want to Win Hearts and Minds.

I actually thought this was one of the finest speeches Obama has ever given, but O'Reilly - in conversation with the insane Ralph Peters - defends the fact that Obama has to try and win hearts and minds as it isn't possible to "kill all the Muslims".

Note, he isn't saying it isn't possible to "kill all the terrorists", he saying it's not possible to "kill all the Muslims".

Because, in Bill's mind, Muslim = Terrorist.


Anonymous said...

I watched the entire segment when it aired, not just the fifty second clip. Watching the whole thing, it is clear he just mispoke, and clearly meant "terrorists" in this context. Repeatedly thoughout the segment he went out of his way to indicate that he thought the vast majority of muslims were "peace loving" and that he was specifically talking about radical muslim extremists. He even made a point that the first ones to condemn the act of terrorism were various US muslim groups.

Given the full context of what he said and how he said it, it would not be possible to draw the conclusion that O'Reilly thinks muslims = terrorists.

Kel said...

That makes sense. Because it did come across as a simply bizarre thing to say. Perhaps I was led to thinking the worst because he was talking to Ralph Peters, a man who has shown himself as being off his head on the subject of Arabs, time and time again.