Monday, June 01, 2009

Ralph Peters: Kill Them All!

Ralph Peters has shown himself to be off his head in so many different ways that I have lost count, but, even by his low standards, this appearance on the Neil Cavuto Show is a new low.

Here he argues that terrorists should simply be killed on the spot. His basis for this is that al Qaeda don't treat US soldiers according to the Geneva Conventions.

It's simply extraordinary to me that he should seek to lower the US Army to the level of a terrorist group and think that this was somehow acceptable. I mean is he seriously arguing that this should be the standard against which the US Army measures itself? Al Qaeda?!?

He's also ignoring the fact the majority of people held at Guantanamo Bay were released by the Bush administration, people who would now be dead were his philosophy to have been followed, something which he dismisses with, "There will be miscarriages of justice, in a brutal war like this, but I don't think too many." Actually, there would have been upwards of 500 according to how many detainees Bush released.

It's the first time I've seen Cavuto at a loss for words. As he tries to wind up the interview, Peters shows that his meds have properly kicked in by suddenly exclaiming, "Fight for human rights, kill terrorists!"

Quite one of the most bonkers TV appearances by any Republican in a long time, and considering the fact that we are presently living through the Sotomayor season, that really is saying something. John Bolton must be feeling upstaged.


Steel Phoenix said...

Mostly unrelated, but do you have any opinion on this?

Kel said...

He was being asked about torture photos and decided to decry the British media as away of deriding their allegations.

I have no way, like anyone else, of knowing what is in those photographs; it's the Obama administration which is withholding them, presumably because they do know what is in them.

Although I notice in his answers that he is very careful not to deny what the British media claim, he simply keeps referring the questioner back to the DOD statement.

He's complimenting the American media as being brighter than the British media, although they both had an opportunity to prove that point prior to the Iraq war and I think certain sections of the British media were far more sceptical and on the ball than their American counterparts; although, I would agree, not the Telegraph.

There's a really simple way to answer all of these questions, and that is to release the photographs and stop protecting illegality simply because it might make your country look bad.

But, I think Gibbs is bullshitting. I think Obama wants to go to Egypt with no torture controversy and that he wants a court to overrule him on his decision not to publish the photos and demand that he do so.

But, like everyone else, I am wildly guessing at this point.

All I know for sure is that Gibbs is bullshitting.

Steel Phoenix said...

I think he's lost his mind. Insulting the British press as a whole? Somehow I doubt he is going to get better press in the future.

I'm starting to wonder if the Supreme Court pick and this are just ways of taking the heat off Pelosi.

Kel said...

SP, I don't really buy that Pelosi is under too much heat. She is, after all, calling for an investigation into all this, which I don't think she would do if she had that much to hide.

But the continuing cover ups of the Bush administration's criminality is puzzling.

I really don't get that.