Friday, October 09, 2009

Limbaugh: "Scarborough doing his best impression of ... neutered chickified moderate"

Here Limbaugh does what he always does and ruthlessly goes after anyone on the right who thinks that Limbaugh's celebration of America failing to land the Olympic bid might be perceived negatively by non rabid Americans.

Scarborough was doing his best impression of a neutered chickified moderate... "Ah, this can't be helpful for our political process for Limbaugh to be laughing with glee that Obama failed in Copenhagen."

I guess Joe wants to sell another couple of books to go with the thousand that he has already sold... by pitching to Democrats and moderates.
Criticism of Limbaugh is never allowed. But I'm hoping that Scarborough is big enough not to back down to this fat windbag. Most Republicans instantly apologise if Limbaugh deems them out of line. Scarborough should up the ante and not apologise.

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