Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cenk On the Latest Right Wing Rants.

This is the second clip featuring Cenk today, but I think he makes a fantastic point here. Is there anything Obama can ever do which these nutcases would admit was good?

When the US was not awarded the Olympics, they said this was proof that the world hated Obama and had rejected him. When he is awarded the Nobel Peace prize they claim that he has been given it too soon and that this will hurt Obama.

It's part of a pattern which always occurs in the American media where they constantly portray every event as somehow working to the advantage of the Republicans and to the detriment of the Democrats.

If Obama found a way to end starvation they would accuse him of dangerously overpopulating the planet. If he found a cure for Aids they would say he was encouraging unnatural sexual practices. It's the prism through which they see the world. They don't even care how ridiculous they sound.

Maher summed it up earlier:

In fact, let me explain how the right-wing mind works: wing-nuts get up in the morning, get their "news" from Fox or Drudge, and then spend all morning drinking coffee and getting all worked up about whatever Fox and Drudge tell them to get worked up about. "Mexicans - Grrr! Socialism - Grrr! Van Jones - I don't know who he is, but sure... Grrrrrr!" By the time Rush comes on at noon, they're ready to just start demanding we build a wall around Andy Dick. And when Glenn Beck shows up at five, they're seeing red - right through the blue from the Viagra.
These people really are borderline insane, so I don't think we should be surprised that they constantly adopt such contradictory positions.

Nothing Obama does will ever please them as they are almost programmed to hate.


This is probably how they actually would react.


Rachel Maddow makes the argument perfectly as she challenges the notion that Obama should not have been given this award. As do the New York Times.
Certainly, the prize is a (barely) implicit condemnation of Mr. Bush’s presidency. But countering the ill will Mr. Bush created around the world is one of Mr. Obama’s great achievements in less than nine months in office. Mr. Obama’s willingness to respect and work with other nations is another.

Mr. Obama has bolstered this country’s global standing by renouncing torture, this time with credibility; by pledging to close the prison camp at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba; by rejoining the effort to combat climate change and to rid the world of nuclear weapons; by recommitting himself to ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; and by offering to engage Iran while also insisting that it abandon its nuclear ambitions.

Americans elected Mr. Obama because they wanted him to restore American values and leadership — and because they believed he could. The Nobel Prize, and the broad endorsement that followed, shows how many people around the world want the same thing.
Hat tip to Daily Kos.

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