Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rep. Anthony Weiner With Bill Maher on Real Time September 11, 2009.

Anthony Weiner speaks more sense on the health issue than anyone else I've so far heard.

One of the things which right wingers often argue is that competition is always better than areas where no competition exists. One example always given is medical research.

Now, should someone invent a cure for a deadly disease I am sure that almost all of us would agree that the company which invented that cure is entitled to profit from the research that they have done. The theory is that they make profits when they invent cures.

But that same argument doesn't apply to healthcare; as it's inarguable that it's easier for insurance companies to make profit by not treating patients than it is by treating them. So, that is not the same principle at all.


Anonymous said...

The Representative and Bill Maher both agreed they should go after "food" companies...and you believe this is speaking "with more sense" than anyone else?

Good luck pushing bills that will drastically increase prices while people throughout the world go hungry.

Kel said...

No, actually I didn't agree with that part, which I found rather far fetched. And I thought that was pushed more by Maher than by Weiner.

No, I liked Weiner's thought of Medicare for all. I think that was bang on the money.