Saturday, September 12, 2009

Media Critic/Spelling Champ Beck Complains About Non-Fox Media's Non-Coverage Of "ACORN Scandal".

I love when Beck does this shit. He imagines that he is pointing out the bias of the other networks when, in reality, he's simply pointing out the bias of the Fox News network.

The very fact that Fox will talk about a subject 19 times, when most other news networks hardly touch it, is indicative of the fact that Fox choose what they consider newsworthy according to their political ideology, rather than on whether or not it is actually news.

It is Fox News who are betraying bias here, although that thought will not have even occurred to Glenn Beck, the stupidest man currently on air.


daveawayfromhome said...

If there's one thing that Republicans have excelled at for the last decade or more, it's saying things about their opponents that could be turned around onto them with almost no alteration in the words, if any. Think George Bush and co. constantly making speeches about "terrorists" entering Iraq, for example, which could be easily turned around when viewed from an arab perspective.
They apparently have no ability to detect irony at all.

Kel said...

Their minds are so closed to self examination - or to any hint of doubt - that irony is utterly lost on them.