Saturday, September 12, 2009

Is the GOP Out of Control?

I spoke yesterday about Mark McKinnon's attempt to argue that all political parties have whack jobs and that it is unfair that the Republicans are being defined by the behaviour of their whack jobs whilst the Democrats are defined by Obama.

As I argued yesterday, the argument is not a good one as the Republicans put forward one of their whack jobs as the Vice Presidential nominee, so they can hardly claim that we are defining them by their fringe elements.

Here, again, we see the difficulty the Republican party have in reigning in some of their more extreme members with Joe Wilson apparently refusing to apologise in the house for calling Obama a liar.

Also, when GOP Representatives mention Obama's name, watch the crowd immediately start shouting "Liar!"

It seems to me that the GOP are being supported by the runt of the Republican movement, people for whom truth matters not a jot.

So, it's not that the Republican party are defined by their fringe elements, the truth is that the GOP are now only supported by the lunatic fringe.

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