Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Olbermann: Special Comment: Palin, Beck and the Birthers.

Olbermann takes on the kind of nonsense which certain Republican nutcases have been indulging in. He begins with the ridiculous statement by Sarah Palin:

You shouted "fire" in a crowded theater -- a hot one -- and then today tried to roll it back with "no, no, sorry, not fire, I meant flashlights."

Too little, too late, too obvious.

Madam, you are a clear and present danger to the safety and security of this nation.

Whether the 'death panel' is something you dreamed, or something you dreamed-up, whether it is the product of a low intellect and a fevered imagination, or the product of a high intelligence and a sober ability to exploit people, you should be ashamed of yourself for having introduced it into the public discourse, and it should debar you, for all time, from any position of responsibility or trust in the governance of this nation or any of its states or municipalities.
Then he brings up the fact that Palin, despite complaining that her children had been used for political target practice, has herself used her child as a political weapon.

He then turns on Glenn Beck, and takes apart this stupid man's rhetoric.

She is in fact a relative newcomer to the orgy of fantasized violence and imagined revolution, whose fires have been stoked, for weeks, for months, for years, by Conservatives -- but more often by mere mercenaries, men and women who believe nothing, who are in it for the game, or the profit, or the sheer kick of bending masses to their will.

Glenn Beck, who recoils when somebody actually readies for an attack on one of the "FEMA internment camps" he so cavalierly invented, who so cowers at the thought that he might get blamed, or might lose his precious and well-earned gold, that he actually has to plead with his viewers not to become new Timothy McVeighs…

Glenn Beck, says that… and then comes back three days later and jokes about -- poisoning the Speaker of the House. It is irresistible to you, isn't it?

It's the same thrill of irresponsibility, of caveman thought, of the drug addict who suddenly and joyously cares nothing about self-restraint.

He gets them both spot on, but the people they are talking to don't want to hear common sense and logic. In their paranoid fantasies they see only plots which "they" are hatching and which Palin and Beck and others are bravely pointing out.

Their disciples are moronic. Which is why Beck and Palin are their guiding lights.

He then discusses the birthers and the way that all right wing discourse has descended into madness.

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